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A woman of Valor
A woman of Valor

A Woman of Valor


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By: Stephen B. Oates

Clara Barton and the Civil War 

When the Civil War broke out, Clara Barton was determined to serve, becoming a soldier, a nurse, and a one-woman relief agency operating in the heart of the conflict. With no institutional affiliation or official government appointment, but impelled by a sense of duty, she made her way to the front lines and the heat of the battle. Committed to healing soldiers’ spirits as well as their bodies, she served not only as nurse and relief worker, but as surrogate mother, sister, wife, or sweetheart to thousands of sick, wounded, and dying men. Although Barton went on to become the founder and first president of the American Red Cross, the accomplishment for which she is best known, A Woman of Valor argues that her experiences in the Civil War was her most extraordinary achievement.

Softcover, 527 pages

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