Traveling Exhibits

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine offers a variety of traveling panel exhibits for display at libraries, schools, and organizations nationwide. These informative exhibits cover a variety of medical aspects from the Civil War. If your organization is interested in hosting a traveling exhibit please contact Amelia Grabowski at or (301) 695-1864. 

Emotional Toll of War

This exhibition explores the emotional and mental burdens of the war. Civil War soldiers languished from homesickness and nostalgia, the latter was characterized by a deep melancholy that could debilitate a soldier’s health and lead to death. It ventures into the mental toll on both military surgeons and soldiers. This traveling exhibit is composed of seven freestanding panels.

Clara Barton and the Missing Soldiers OfficeClara Barton Museum- Civil War Medicine Museum

This exhibition focuses on a typically overlooked portion of Clara Barton’s life. In 1865, Clara Barton founded the Missing Soldiers Office. The staff of the Missing Soldiers Office made it their mission to find information about the location, or death, of missing soldiers in order to provide closure to their family and friends. The office responded to over 63,000 letters of correspondence and identified the fates of over 22,000 missing soldiers. A collaboration between the U.S. General Services Administration and National Museum of Civil War Medicine turned the site into a museum which can be found on 7th Street in Washington, DC. The exhibition is composed of three freestanding panels. 

When the War is Over

The Civil War ended in 1865, but it’s effects—pain and suffering, loss, and governmental changes—lingered for decades. After the war ended, many suffered from “irritable heart”, long term health problems, and over 60,000 soldiers were amputees. This exhibit explores the government programs put in place to provide pensions and prosthetic limbs to former Union soldiers and the efforts made by individual states to care for Confederate troops. This exhibit is made up of five freestanding panels.

Peleg Bradford’s Civil War ExperienceDisplays and Exhibits- Clara Barton, Jonathan Letterman, Civil War Medicine Museum

This exhibit focuses on one soldier’s experience through the letters he sent home. Union Private Peleg Bradford enlisted in the 18th Maine Volunteers at the age of 20. In his own words, Peleg discusses the condition of his regiment and life in camp. It goes on to discuss his eventually wounding, amputation, and recovery. The final panel discusses how his experience impacted his overall view towards war. The exhibit consists of seven freestanding panels. 

More traveling exhibits are coming soon! 

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The Barton Rolls

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