Caleb Dorsey Baer: Frederick, Maryland’s Confederate Surgeon

Join editors  F. Terry Hambrecht, M.D. and Terry Reimer on First Saturday for a book signing of Caleb Dorsey Baer: Frederick, Maryland’s Confederate Surgeon the newest NMCWM Press publication. 

Baer- Civil War Medicine Museum The diary and letters of Dr. Baer open a window into a little-known aspect of the American Civil War. Caleb was born in Maryland and served in Missouri, both of which were border states with divided loyalties. Caleb served initially with the Missouri State Guard, a pro-Confederate force, and later with Confederate States Army units from Missouri, but his family members in Frederick County, Maryland, were staunch Union supporters. The split within the family created by this difference of opinion was not overcome before Caleb’s death in 1863. These never-before-published documents show a human side to the Civil War, including the toll the war took on families, magnified through the always-changing fortunes of the border states. 

The book is 240 pages in length and retails at the Museum Dispensary Store for $17.95.

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