Caleb Dorsey Baer: Frederick, Maryland’s Confederate Surgeon

Edited by F. Terry Hambrecht, M.D. and Terry Reimer
© 2013

The diary and letters of Dr. Baer open a window into a little-known aspect of the American Civil War. Caleb was born in Maryland and served in Missouri, both of which were border states with divided loyalties. Caleb served initially with the Missouri State Guard, a pro-Confederate force, and later with Confederate States Army units from Missouri, but his family members in Frederick County, Maryland, were staunch Union supporters. The split within the family created by this difference of opinion was not overcome before Caleb’s death in 1863. These never-before-published documents show a human side to the Civil War, including the toll the war took on families, magnified through the always-changing fortunes of the border states. 

240 pages. $17.95.

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Death is in the Breeze: Disease during the American Civil War

By Bonnie Brice Dorwart, M.D.
© 2009

Death is in the Breeze  is an exploration into the diseases and treatments of the Civil War, focusing on the illnesses that most commonly afflicted the soldiers.  It includes numerous tables and illustrations to help the reader understand the prevalence of the different diseases, their diagnostic criteria, and the pharmaceuticals used to treat them.  The book fills a large gap in our understanding of Civil War medicine, since surgeons spent very little time dealing with wounds and the majority of their time dealing with disease. 

170 pages.  $24.95

Civil War Museum, Clara Barton Museum, Civil War Beer, Jonathan Letterman

One Vast Hospital: The Civil War Hospital Sites in Frederick, Maryland after Antietam

By Terry Reimer
© 2001

One Vast Hospital contains a general introduction to Civil War hospitals and staffing, a list of the doctors and stewards at each Frederick hospital, the history of the hospital sites complete with photographs, and a complete Hospital Patient List from after the battles of South Mountain and Antietam.  The Hospital Patient List contains nearly 10,000 individuals and includes their name, rank, regiment, company, complaint, date of admission, date discharged from hospital, and comments.  The list is a great source for genealogists and historians, and won the 2002 Maryland Historical Trust Heritage Book Award.

352 pages.  $24.95

Civil War Museum, Clara Barton Museum, Civil War Beer, Jonathan Letterman

Divided by Conflict, United by Compassion: The National Museum of Civil War Medicine

By Terry Reimer
© 2004

This work is designed to fill two roles– as a “keepsake” book for Museum visitors who want something to bring home, and as an informative guide to the Museum and an introduction to Civil War medicine for people who have not had an opportunity to visit in person.  It covers all aspects of the Museum including its founding, the renovations, the exhibits, the collection, and all of the resources we provide to the public.  In addition, numerous subjects such as surgeons, nurses, diseases, hospital ships, and amputation techniques are discussed.

64 pages.  $5.00


Disease and Drug Cards

By Andrew Hamilton
© 2009

These are twenty-four informational cards on specific diseases and drugs relevant to the Civil War-era.  Twelve diseases are covered, including information on typhoid fever, typhus, hospital gangrene, and diarrhea and dysentery.  The twelve drugs include information on morphine, bromine, quinine, mercury-based drugs, and lead acetate.  The cards are on heavy stock and are bound with a metal ring.

25 pages. $11.95

Civil War Museum, Clara Barton Museum, Civil War Beer, Jonathan Letterman

Prologue to Change: African Americans in Medicine in the Civil War Era

By Dr. Robert G. Slawson
© 2006

Prologue to Change is an in-depth look at African American medical practitioners before and during the Civil War, including their medical education and their service in the Union Army.  Dr. Slawson began his search with the eight men who were generally known to have served in a medical capacity in the Union Army.  In the course of his research he discovered four previously-unknown African Americans who were surgeons during the Civil War.  

52 pages.  $9.98

Civil War Museum, Clara Barton Museum, Civil War Beer, Jonathan Letterman

The Barton Patient Rolls

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