The NMCWM Press was created in late 2001, shortly after the publication of the Museum’s first book, One Vast Hospital.  It was set up as the publishing arm of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.  All books, videos, exhibit pamphlets and the journal Surgeon’s Call are published under this name. 

As the publishing arm of the NMCWM, the NMCWM Press was designed to raise money to publish new books through grants, donations, and the sales of existing NMCWM Press products.  All books and videos are to be related to the subject of Civil War medicine, thus helping to fulfill the educational mission of the Museum.


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The Barton Patient Rolls

Search through the patient list from Clara Barton’s records.

The Barton Rolls

Frederick Patients after the Battle of Antietam

Search through our list below of patients that were treated in Frederick after the Battle of Antietam.