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The National Museum of Civil War Medicine invites you to become a member today!

Civil War Medicine Museum Membership

“Our focus this year is to provide actual Civil War Experiences – tastes of coffee and beer recreated from actual recipes with actual ingredients, smells of cigars made from the same tobaccos used in the period, sounds of musket shot and cannon – all these things help our Museum teach history.  Join us and become a part of our family today.”  Executive Director, George Wunderlich 


The National Museum of Civil War Medicine Membership program provides financial support for interpretation, program and expansion. By becoming a member you will receive exclusive benefits and discounts for the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, Pry House Field Hospital Museum and Clara Barton’s Missing Soldiers Office, opening in late 2013. Our goal for 2013 is to expand our online resources and programming, and to engage our members. 


 For a complete listing of NMCWM Membership Level & Benefits Click Here.


10 Reasons to Join

  1. If you love history, you’ll love us.
  2. Free access to NMCWM, the Pry House Field Hospital Museum and also Clara Barton’s Missing Soldiers Office, scheduled to open in late 2013.
  3. Access to the Museum’s Resource Library
  4. A chance to take part in many Civil War experience through living history!
  5. Latest news on new exhibits and research findings
  6. Discounts in The Dispensary Museum Store
  7. Early registration to  Museum Events
  8. To honor the legacy of Jonathan Letterman and Clara Barton
  9. Networking Opportunities: Members network with other members at our conferences and special events in the Washington D.C. Metro Area.
  10.  Continuing education through programming for adults and children


For questions please contact the Museum’s Membership and Reservations Coordinator by e-mail at  reservations@civilwarmed.org or by phone 301-695-1864, Ext. 11.

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The Barton Patient Rolls

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The Barton Rolls

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