Marching to the Beat: Music Month at the Pry House

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February 16, 2013 @ 9:00 pm – February 17, 2013 @ 1:00 am GMT0
Pry House Field Hospital Museum
18906 Shepherstown Pike
MD 21756
Suggested Donation of $3.00
Kyle Wichtendahl
301-695-1864, Ext. 23.

Join us every Saturday this month at The Pry House Field Hospital Museum at Antietam National Battlefield will host popular music from the Civil War Era. Each Saturday different musicians from around the region will serenade visitors in the exhibit gallery with songs and instrumentals from the 1860s. Staff at the Pry House will talk about the importance of music to soldiers in the field and in hospitals, as well as civilians on the home front. In a time before recorded music, 19th century Americans placed high importance on public performances, intimate singing circles, and individual musical skill. All performers have donated their time and talent to Music Month at the Pry House. Guests are encouraged to talk with the musicians and ask questions.

February 2: Mr. Cory Rosenberg, of Gettysburg, PA, will play the banjo and other period instruments as he sings popular minstrel songs of the Civil War Era.

February 9: Evergreen Shade, a musical duo from central Virginia, will perform a range of period pieces with a theme on Abraham Lincoln in honor of his 203rd birthday.

February 16: Mr. George Wunderlich, Executive Director of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, and world-renowned scholar and maker of early banjos, will entertain on his favorite instrument.

February 23: Mr. Wes Merchant, of Frederick, MD, will play from his impressive repertoire of popular and traditional selections on the fiddle. 


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