Civil War Talk

June 8, 2013 @ 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm GMT0
The National Museum of Civil War Medicine- Delaplaine Randall Conference Room
48 East Patrick Street Frederick
MD 21701
Free with General Admission
Adele Air, Director of Education
301-695-1864, Ext.17.

Clara Barton’s Civil War Career Presented  by Susan Rosenvold

Clara Barton was deeply moved by the deaths of the 6th Massachusetts soldiers in the Baltimore Riot in April 19, 1861.  What started as a personal mission to take care of her boys grew into a career of providing those in harm’s way with much needed supplies.  Susan Rosenvold, Superintendent of Clara Barton’s Missing Soldiers Office, will highlight Ms. Barton’s career that spanned half a century; Barton’s ability to recognized the challenges that were unique to massive man-made disasters and to create and implement solutions that brought comfort to thousands, as well as Barton’s realization that her efficient organizational skills in delivering humanitarian relief during the war was applicable supporting the victims of natural disasters, such as the Johnstown Flood, which led to her co-founding the American Red Cross. 

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