All’s Fair in Love and War: Lust and Romance in America’s Civil War

February 26, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
National Museum of Civil War Medicine
48 E Patrick Street
MD 21701
Jake Wynn
301-695-1864, ext 1009


(Harpers Weekly, Library of Congress)

What do you know about love in the Civil War? 

In the latest iteration of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine’s “After Hours” program, presenters will delve into the romantic history of the Civil War: stories of love and romance, complete with tales of brothels and close to 200,000 cases of venereal disease. Explore these sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking tales of love lost and love gained during the Civil War.

Join us in the darkened galleries of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine for stories of love, lust, and loss that are oftentimes hard to believe; but truth is often stranger than fiction.

Tickets are $15 and feature a guided tour of the Museum with music, living historians, and interactive activities! 


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