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All Executive Offices for the National Museum of Civil War Medicine (NMCWM),  Pry House Field Hospital Museum (PHFHM), Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office (CBMSO), Letterman Institute, and NMCWM Press are located in Frederick, Maryland.

General Museum Information

Kacie Peterson
301-695-1864, Ext. 1005

Tours and Bookings
Katie Reichard
301-695-1864, Ext. 1010

Collections and Exhibits
Tom Frezza
301-695-1864, Ext. 1011

Endowments, Fundraising, and Partnerships
David Price
301-695-1864, Ext. 1004

Inquiries on Letterman Institute and Annual Letterman Award
David Price
301-695-1864, Ext. 1004

Research Inquiries and Information
Terry Reimer
301-695-1864, Ext. 1008


National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Main Line: (301) 695-1864

Fax Line: (301) 695-6823

P.O. Box 470
48 East Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21705

Pry House Field Hospital

On-Site Contact: (301) 416-2395

Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office

On-Site Contact: 202-824-0613

Staff Contact Information:

Executive Director, George Wunderlich

Inquiries concerning: Museum Operations, Management, and the Board of Directors
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Chief of Operations, David Price 

Inquiries concerning: Operations, Planned Giving, Endowments, Fundraising, Business Partnerships, Strategic Initiatives, and Special Events
301-695-1864, Ext. 1004 or click to email

Office Manager/Human Resources, Joanna Jennings

Inquiries concerning:  Museum Hours, Admissions, Directions, General Information, Press Releases, Marketing, Museum Brochures, Media Packets/Photographs, Employment/Internship/Volunteer Opportunities, and Advertising
301-695-1864, Ext. 1002 or click to email 

Reservations Coordinator, Katie Reichard

Inquiries concerning: Group Tours, Programs, Special Events, and Renting the Delaplaine-Randall Conference Room  301-695-1864, Ext. 1010 or click to email

Membership Coordinator and Grants, Kacie Peterson

Inquiries concerning: Membership, Member Benefits, and Grant Inquiries
301-695-1864, Ext. 1005 or click to email

Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office

Inquiries concerning: Operations, Off-site Outreach Programs, Special Events, Scheduling, Internships, Interpretive Workshops, Docent Training, Educational Partnerships at the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office Museum in Washington D.C. 301-695-1864 ext 1004

Acting Collections Manager, Training Coordinator and Historian, Thomas Frezza

Inquiries concerning: Annual Medical Conference, Pry House Operations, Special Events, and Programs at the Pry House on Antietam National Battlefield
301- 695-1864, Ext. 1011 or click to email

Programming Coordinator and Historian, Kyle Wichtendahl

Inquiries concerning: Programs, Garden, and Living History.
301-695-1864, Ext. 1013 or click to email

Director of Research, Terry Reimer

Inquiries concerning: Research on Civil War Medical Subjects, Research Center Hours and Rules, Donation of Books to the Library, Surgeon’s Call Journal, and the Quarterly Newsletter.  

Please note: The Museum does not accept research inquiries by phone. All inquiries must be mailed, faxed, or sent by email. The NMCWM’s Research Center is available to the public by appointment only.

Hours are Monday to Friday, 10 am to 3 pm. Please call (301) 695-1864, Ext. 1008 or email to make an appointment.

Store Manager, Emily Dean 

Inquiries concerning: All aspects of the Dispensary Museum Store, Museum Publications, and Vendor Financial Services
301-695-1864, Ext. 6000 or click to email


Frederick Patients after the Battle of Antietam

Search through our list below of patients that were treated in Frederick after the Battle of Antietam.