Discover Clara Barton

WE need to raise $100,000 to open her Museum seven days a week!  Raising $15000 will allow us to install a security system which will then allow us to display incredible artifacts that have never been seen by the public.  

We are asking every friend to pass this along, advocate for Clara to your friends, professional organizations, historical organizations, civic groups and neighbors.   Getting the word out is as important as dollars.
Help us raise the opening funds the very same way Clara raised the funds for the Missing Soldiers Office.

You can give three ways:
1) You can donate here on GoFundMe

2) You can visit the Museum in DC and make a donation directly
3) You can mail a contribution to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

No donation is too small, every dollar helps. Every donation made to this campaign will be recorded in ledger books in the same way Clara kept track of missing soldiers names. Those books will be on permanent display at the Museum upon opening. Please make sure your name, you friends names, and you family members names are in those books! Help us carry Clara’s accomplishments forward!!

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The Barton Patient Rolls

Search through the patient list from Clara Barton’s records.

The Barton Rolls

Frederick Patients after the Battle of Antietam

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