Bucks for Barton!

Clara Barton


Bucks for Barton!

The Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office is proud to be the recipient of a $5,000 grant from the Partners in Preservation Grant Campaign towards the restoration of the site.  The Museum’s goal is to match the $5,000 grant in 30 days. Now through June 12th you can help us double the funds received!  The money will help purchase carpeting for the 1st floor and lighting for our visitor center.  Shine a light on Clara Barton!

During the Civil War, Clara Barton’s downtown office was the first ever dedicated to locating soldiers missing in action. She responded to over 63,000 letters, most of which required some kind of research that eventually lead to published lists of the names of the missing so that anyone with knowledge of their whereabouts or death could contact her. By the time the office closed in 1867, she had identified the fate of over 22,000 men. Discovered in 1997 by the GSA, the office is an untouched time capsule.

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