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Each year the Museum makes a direct appeal to our members, donors and supporters asking for an investment in a project of long-term importance.  This year our appeal is an opportunity to preserve the legacy of one of America’s greatest citizens: Miss Clara Barton. 

Ms. Barton was so much more than she is generally remembered for.  Most think of her as a nurse, as founder of the American Red Cross and as an advocate for first-aid training in America, but that is just the beginning.   She was also a world-class humanitarian organizer and theorist, educator, lobbyist, author, public speaker, emergency medical practitioner and able public advocate.  In other words, she was truly a Renaissance woman. 

 At a time when governments felt little or no interest in dealing with the casualties of war, Clara stepped up to advocate not only for the wounded, but also for the dead and their families.  Now, a new Museum, The Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office will be dedicated to her humanitarian innovations and work on behalf of the families of missing soldiers.  You can play a pivotal role in getting this national treasure open to the public. 

 Her office on 7th Street, NW, is a virtual time capsule. Not only is the space preserved, but so are many of the artifacts of her time in the building, which housed the Missing Soldiers Office.  In order to open this space to the public, we need to raise $15,000 to install re-purposed, period flooring in the welcome center and entrance way into this historic landmark.  Had we purchased this floor and not repurposed old flooring the cost would have been more than double.

In closing, I hope you will consider making a gift in support of  this effort, so the world can come and walk in Clara’s footsteps, up the very stairs she used, to the rooms where her humanitarian career began.  Please join us in the vital mission of bringing Clara’s work to future generations. 

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